Ramona studied graphics and printmaking at Brighton and Chelsea schools of Art in the 80s, winning the Portman prize in 1983. She then worked on paintings and screen printing from her Cable Street studio in London for several years and taught in community centres and rural arts camps. Attending life classes with Cecil Collins and sacred clowning with Didier Danthois moved her into performance, dance and film work and she eventually left the city to set up Mischief and Miracles Theatre Company.  She was a founder member of Mean Feet Dance company and AvalonCAN Creative Arts Network in Somerset whilst working as a professional clown, dancer and teacher for 18 years in the community.    

Returning to Visual Art, Ramona created her first installation “Wish” about our divorce from nature.  She collaborated with dancers and musicians on her film Somewhere Between and started painting skies, beach and woodland landscapes.  Recently Ramona focuses on her passion for trees and forests as subject matter whilst becoming involved in activiism to protect the rural environment from industrialisation. 

" A woodland path shows a collective active engagement in nature, as does gardening or painting landscapes.  These activities inspire and inform a symbolic inner life existing within nature itself, a Second Nature, so to speak. As products of natural evolution there is no radical dichotomy between humans and the natural world. But if we're not careful we'll turn everything into machines and wasteland and destroy the very environment we need to survive." 

Detail;  Rewilding the Brickfields brings Hope

Detail; Rewilding the Brickfields brings Hope