Ramona Belcher MA


Dolgoch Waterfall
Dolgoch Waterfall

I walk a path of Beauty, a path my ancestors laid down before me.

In this recent work I am depicting the places I love most – woods: trees, dappled light, sometimes water, still or flowing.  Like a stream or deep river bed formed by the flow of water over time, a well worn path is a space created by our feet, an expression of our collective shared relationship with nature, a travel story with characters and events. Unlike the river, where the water flows only one way, a path can be taken either way and at any pace.

The inspiration for these paintings comes from the small ancient forest on Hengistbury Head, Dorset: from autumn beeches on Butleigh Ridge near Glastonbury: and more recently from Snowdonia National Park in Wales. I compose the picture with a camera in the landscape and work in the studio to try and capture the essence of the place for the benefit of the viewer and the space.

Our ancient woodlands, streams and rivers are disappearing, growing smaller every day and I pray for their survival. I paint them and invite you to walk in them, to reconnect, rediscover and make friends with a path to a wood near you.